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Christopher Griffith


    Christopher Griffith

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  5. ChrisRWK of Robots Will Kill for Spotify NYC

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  6. WK for Spotify from redboy on Vimeo.

    For the past six months I’ve been working on a rather large secret project - The curation of all of the (street) art for the new Spotify offices in both NYC and San Francisco. The Project consists of 40+ new works from WK, ASVP, Kostas Seremetis, Robots Will Kill, Apex, Brian Barneclo, Arianna Orland and Lisa Pisa. I couldn’t be prouder of the results.

    This video documents the installation of WK's piece entitled "Game 326" in Spotify's NYC office.

    If you'd like to see more of the installation here is a photo gallery of the completed works in the NYC office. http://www.streetandstage.com/?p=3661


    WK : http://wkinteract.com
    WK on Instagram: http://instagram.com/wk360
    Redboy : http://redboy.com / http://streetandstage.com
    Redboy on Instagram: http://instagram.com/redboy

    Music : "Express Delivery" - Flightcrank Instrumental Remix by Runaways UK Feat Masta Ace used with permission from Three Sixty Records
    Runaways UK : http://threesixtyrecords.net/WP/runaways-uk-bio/
    Three Sixty Records : http://threesixtyrecords.net

    GoPro Black camera provided by our friends at GoPro : http://gopro.com


    A time-lapse of WK’s installation for Spotify by yours truly.

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Wolverine #2 (October 1982)Art by Frank Miller & Josef Rubinstein 


    Wolverine #2 (October 1982)
    Art by Frank Miller & Josef Rubinstein 

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Data Stream by Jan Ditlev Christensen.


    Data Stream by Jan Ditlev Christensen.